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History of Lower Saucon Township Schools

A number of schools, mostly one-room, were recorded as serving the students of Lower Saucon Township during the years prior to 1958. Shimersville School was located in the former village located along the Lehigh River across from the present Bethlehem Sewerage Facility south of the Freemansburg Bridge. Redington School was located near the village of Redington along the Lehigh River in the northern part of the township. Franklin School, a former Lower Saucon Township High School, located on route 412, served as the Zawick Manufacturing building and is now a used car lot. Lutz-Franklin school is located on Countryside Road. it is currently used by the Lower Saucon Historical Society as a field trip for students to experience a day in a one-room schoolhouse. Union School was in the vicinity of Kunsman’s Crossing where Easton Road meets Lower Saucon Road. South Eastern School now serves as space for the Southeastern Fire Company on Wassergass Road. Two Polk Valley Schoolhouses were located on Polk Valley Road. The older school was located on the creek to the east of Reservoir Road and the more recent building was located further east toward Lower Saucon Road. The United or "Temple" school was located across the former Lower Saucon Elementary School on Wassergass Road. Appleport School was located south of Hellertown off Route 412 next to the New Jerusalem Cemetery. Solliday’s or Leithsville School was located on Route 412 south of Leithsville. Bingen School was a two-room schoolhouse on Bingen Road. Black River School was located near the intersection of Black River Road and Freidensville Road. Seidersville School, a four-classroom building on the Old Philadelphia Pike, is part of the Lower Saucon Township Government Complex. Lehigh Mountain School was located on the crest of the mountain on present day Route 378 near Mountain Drive. University School is recorded but its location is uncertain. Steel City School served the children of the village of Steel City. Limekiln School was located on Creek Road where it intersects with Seidersville Road. Furnace or Furnace Hill School was located on Route 412 where the Sauconia Movie theatre building stands. Lower Saucon Church School was located across from Christ Lutheran Church, Lower Saucon on Easton Road. Now refurbished, it is used by the church as a preschool. The Wassergass School was located on Wassergass Road between Wilhelm Road and Lower Saucon Road. The Furnace and Franklin Schools became part of the Hellertown School District, as did the Lower Saucon Township High School on High Street. After that, education in the township ended at eighth grade and students could choose to attend high school in Hellertown or Bethlehem to complete their education.