The Saucon Valley School District is the result of the merger of the Hellertown School District and the Lower Saucon Township School District.  Presently, all classes are located at the Saucon Valley Educational Campus located on Polk Valley Road, Lower Saucon Township, at the Southeast corner of the Borough of Hellertown. District students attend school on this campus from kindergarten through graduation from twelfth grade. This unique and functional contiguous structure encompasses Saucon Valley Elementary School, Saucon Valley Middle School, Saucon Valley High School, the District Administration offices, athletic facilities, fields and an outdoor environmental learning center.

How Saucon Valley Students Became PANTHERS
In 1938 or 1939, a school meeting was held in the Hellertown High School auditorium to name the school’s sports teams, particularly the baseball team. The school did not have a football team at that time, due to the expense of fielding a team. Various names were suggested. One student, Joe Sopko, noticed what appeared to him as two panther heads carved in the wood on each side of the stage. Joe pointed them out to the class president, Bobby Potts. Bobby raised his hand and suggested the name "Panthers." It was voted on and passed by the student body.

In the late 1950s, the original auditorium was demolished to make way for the renovation and addition to the high school which included a new auditorium. The wood was torn out, scrapped and eventually found its way into someone’s home woodpile. The panther heads were rediscovered years later, cleaned up, painted black and made into bookends. Their location is unknown.

Thanks to Carol Sopko Schade, HLSHS, Class of 1968

High School Principals

1896 - 1916   Alvin I. Reinhard 
                        W. Reiff Nauman 
                        Robert R. Hoppes 
1920 - 1921   Stanley J. Landis 
1921 - 1928   Robert N. Taylor 
                        George Kunkle 
                        Edward VanKeuren
1932 - 1948   Montford E. Illick 
1948 - 1966   Arthur J. Oplinger

1966 - 1968   Edward Grissinger

1968 - 1970   Donald W. McPherson

1970 - 1982   Norman Wruble

1982 - 1984   Carl Morrison

1984 - 1996   Frank E. Kawtoski

1996 - 2006  Curtis R. Dietrich

2006 - 2009 Todd Gombos

2010 - 2016   Eric Kahler

2016 - 2017   Kenneth Napaver

2017 - 2018   Beth Guarriello

​2018 -             Tamara Gary

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1896 - 1958

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1958 - 1971

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1971 - Present

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